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Back to Basics

Fundamentals of baseball are focused on by the development of important skills such as concentration, flexibility and hand-eye-coordination. Through this you will gain a grip on the basic skills of hitting, catching and throwing.

Swing City

Hitting is not only fun, but essential. To become a good hitter you must practice, but the correct fundamentals. To hit the ball, you must see the ball. We’ll show you how to not only keep your eye on the ball but hitting stance, feet placement, hand placement, posture, stride, follow through and most of all how to do it relaxed. You’ll know greater success at the plate after just one lesson!

Fielding 101

Regardless if you’re in the infield or outfield, the most important things won’t change. Footwork, positioning, knowing the distance to a target and proper throwing techniques will give you the proper approach to nab any ball coming in your direction. What to do with that ball once you get it is equally important and based on the position you want to play and game situation, we can give you the knowledge to make sure that your team will feel confident that you’ll know what to do with the ball when you get it!

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