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Back to Basics

Each session is designed to enhance each player’s basketball fundamentals. Through a various series of drills, knowledge and game situation experiences, each player will have the opportunity to improve their shooting technique, ball handling, footwork and basketball IQ.

Shooting Clinic

This is for those that want to specifically improve their shot. We will work on your efficiency the most which will include your form and technique. You’ll learn how to square up the right way, use your legs, release, pivot, catch and shoot and more. This will all lead to a much-improved shot in all aspects of the game.

Handling Expo

Handling skills are key to being an all-around player. The secret is it’s all in the fundamentals of control. If you can’t control the ball, you won’t be able to do any advanced techniques you might have seen your favorite player do. We’ll focus on balance, finger placement, bounce and posture all while keeping your head up. Through a variety of known drills such as figure 8s and pound dribbling to our own techniques, you’ll be well on your way to being a complete player.

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