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Drama is an introduction to theatre. Designed to develop an appreciation for and understanding of theater. Small units make it possible to introduce many subjects, stimulating the desire for further learning. Students enrolled in our program learn the importance of drama as seen in movies, television and live theater. They will explore the fundamentals of acting as the actor uses his voice, mind, and body, through the utilization of exercises and games, through which the students develop ensemble and individual performance skills. This performance program includes the history of theater and development, through workshop exercises, dramatic techniques in acting from improvisation to play production. Students perform skits, scenes and plays to enjoy the experience of acting. Eventually they will hone in on there prior acting skills and develop different characters. Students will also attend at least one live theatrical presentation.

Stage crew being equally important, we also introduce to the students, both novice and experienced a practical approach to the technical and production aspects of musical theater and drama. Students will learn the skills needed to construct scenery, hang and focus lighting instruments, implement a sound system for effects and reinforcement, and scenic artistry, all in a variety of techniques. Students will take an active role in any productions we produce. Additionally, students will be introduced to theatrical design, and will be given an opportunity to draft their own designs for scenery and/or lighting of a theatrical production.

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