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Back to Basics

Basic skills are taught in a fun and energetic environment. We use a no-contact setting to show passing, catching and running skills. This all ensures things are being taught in an appropriate manner and one that creates an ideal atmosphere for fun. You will have a full grasp on how the game is played!

Footwork Phenom

Footwork is key when playing football. A wrong step or over-step can have you miss your tackle or block. Short powerful bursts of quick movement are your best friend. We will show you how to move your arms and legs like one for overall faster movement. You’ll dominate not only cones and ladders with your new explosiveness, but the field in real game situations!

Receiver Round-Up

The wide receiver is one of the most important positions on the field. Catching and route running techniques, field vision, reading the defense, and general ball skills are some of the things you’ll learn to help you consistently get free and make catches. Rather if you’re new or a more seasoned player, you can expect precise training and improved receiver skills.

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