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Mentoring, at its core, guarantees young people that there is someone who cares about them, assures them they are not alone in dealing with day-to-day challenges, and makes them feel like they matter. Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on young people in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. Ultimately, mentoring connects a young person to personal growth and development, and social and economic opportunity. Yet one in three young people will grow up without one.

We want to use age appropriate content and activities to effectively reduce risk around high-school drop-out, drug use, bullying, suicide, depression and anxiety, while uncovering resiliency around academic success, impulse control, stress resistance,  social-emotional skills and healthy relationships

Our programs will prepare students for the self-sufficiency and resiliency needed to become successful young adults.

We address the following risk and protective factors:

  • Academic Success

  • Emotional Competency

  • Self-Efficacy Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Connectedness to Family, School, & Community

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