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SAT Prep

This course prepares all students in grades 9-12 intending to take the SAT exam with a comprehensive blueprint to the Reading, Writing and Language, and Mathematics content on the exam, along with an in-depth and extensive guide to the new optional essay. Those enrolled will receive four full-length diagnostic tests proctored under exam-taking conditions and will also be provided the time to thoroughly review their content afterwards. By the end of the course, students will have had ample opportunities not only to master effective test-taking strategies, but also to thoroughly practice using the materials covered during this class.

Our courses are designed to provide a balance of guided instruction, collaborative discussion and group work, and realistic practice opportunities. Students work both collaboratively and individually as they apply new strategies, with the instructor serving as an approachable mentor.

Total Class Time: 60 Hours

Class Schedule: 4-Hour Classes, Weekly on Saturdays or Sundays during the academic year, or daily for 3 (three) week days during the summer

Approximate Homework Time: 1-2 hours per day (with optional extra homework)


Each Class Includes:

• Engaging lecture, to introduce strategy and new content 

• Collaborative problem-solving, to tackle difficult problems early in the course 

• Realistic mock test-taking, to ensure that students are well prepared for true test conditions 

• Team-based competition, to make vocabulary building a little less tedious! 

Students Receive the Following Evaluations and Feedback:

• Four 4-hour diagnostic tests: full-length tests taken under realistic conditions 

• Frequent vocabulary quizzing, in the form of a written quiz or team-based competition 

• Daily homework review, to explain challenging questions and to reinforce new content 

• Regular math, reading, and grammar review and practice 

• Helpful analysis and grading of a minimum of 7 essays 

• Individual final reports to help students plan their studying after the end of the course

Each student receives a copy of the Ivy Global New SAT Guide, the most complete and thorough SAT textbook, that introduces not only the tested concepts in each scored section, but also details strategies, reference materials, study plans, vocabulary and root lists, practice drill questions for each section, 7 practice essay prompts, and 3 full practice tests. Each student also receives a copy of College Board’s the Official SAT Study Guide.

Week 1/Days 1-5

• Initial diagnostic exam for assessment of individual strengths, weaknesses, and goals 

• Introduction to the Reading Test: strategies for passage reading, and introduction to vocabulary building 

• Introduction to the Writing Test: strategies for answering multiple-choice questions, and review of important grammar rules 

• Introduction to the Math Test: strategies for multiple-choice and grid-in questions, and review of basic math concepts 

• Introduction to the optional Essay: strategies for structuring and writing an essay, and class review of sample prompts and analysis 

Week 2/Days 6-10

• Two full diagnostic exams, to apply the strategies learned during the course so far 

• Vocabulary building: review through frequent quizzes 

• Discussion of different Reading passage and question types 

• Instruction and review of advanced concepts tested in the Writing section 

• Math review of all Heart of Algebra topics 

• Introduction to Advanced Math topics 

• In-class essay practice with peer review 

Week 3/Days 11-15

 • Group and individual exercises to hone skills in all three sections 

• Discussion of all Reading passage question types 

• Introduction to Problem Solving and Data Analysis topics 

• Team-based competition and games to review and prepare for the final diagnostic exam 

• Further study: recommended strategies and building a personalized schedule 

• Final diagnostic exam (including full-length essay) and full score report

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